Tuesday, 26 April 2016

All By Myself!!!

Poor old hubby has to do an extended shift today and tomorrow so he has already gone for the day. I don't like it when he has to do this as he doesn't get a cooked meal apart from his breakfast and then he'll get two short breaks to eat sandwiches. By the time he gets in at just after 9pm all he will want is a cup of Ovaltine and then he won't be long out of bed.
I'm just glad that it isn't usually more than two days on the trot.

In sympathy DD and I are having sandwiches tonight.....pastrami, swiss cheese,mild mustard and dill pickle slices served with a side of chunky chips. Oh gawd my mouth is watering already.

I'll be able to get all my jobs done before lunchtime and then I am going to work on the quilt binding.......a nice snuggly job as it's very cold here again.......and I might put something on either You Tube or catch up tv while I do the hand sewing.......bliss.

First though I need my breakfast and a cup of tea.
Have a lovely day....whatever you are doing.


  1. Sometimes something as simple as a sandwich is delicious. My go to simple meal is baked potato and beans - heaven! It's gone really cold here too. X

  2. Its cold here too so we are having soup and sandwich.

  3. Had rain hail sleet and snow today...along with wind and sunshine...hope the quilting went well...I've been clearing up at the bungalow (not fun). x


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