Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ooooh....He's In Trouble!!!

It was a brilliant day yesterday. Calm, peaceful and relaxing just as a birthday should be....for me anyway as I am not fond of lots of fuss and partying. Warnings are already in place for next year which will be my 60th that I want no party and certainly none of those 'experience' gifts that involve chucking your self down a hill in a big plastic ball, balloon flights or pamper days (my idea of a nightmare). We did the balloon flight for hubby for his 60th and he was just about to turn sixty one by the time we managed to get him on a flight that was not cancelled.
Anyway the one who's in trouble is my son. He popped round with Ruby to deliver cards and presents.....bless him. I opened one envelope and what was on the top of the contents but a leaflet for a balloon flight. I went straight into, heart attack, panic mode and he started laughing like a drain and saying look underneath my relief it was vouchers for the local patchwork shop. He and DDIL had picked the leaflet up from the tourist info stand at the garden centre. Ooooooh I could have killed him on the spot but we had a good laugh about it and I let him have some of my birthday cake.

Today I am back in housewifey mode and about to prepare a chilli for our evening meal and then I may pop out to the fabric shop to use my vouchers as there is some fabric I need for a dress I will be making for Ruby when the pattern arrives.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.
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  1. Dear Sheila:

    Your son certainly knows his mum and as they say "got you good". Your birthday outing lunch was just what the doctor ordered. Happy birthday a day late. xx


  2. You sound just like me I don't like a lot of fuss either. I did smile about your son he certainly got you going. Enjoy the fabric shop.

  3. Don't get mad...get even! Patchwork shop vouchers sound good though, so don't be too mean. x


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