Monday, 11 April 2016

Duvet Day!!!

It is tradition that on the first day of any annual leave DD takes that we have a duvet day. Today is that day although it will be more of a duvet half day by the time hubby has gone to work at twelve thirty.
We settle down on the sofas with a quilt or a blanket and a pot of tea or a cold drink and off we go with a box set or a pile of films. Today we will be finishing off season one of Home Fires and then we will be starting on Downton again.
Tea will be a bowl of salad with cheese and pineapple.
Even though I enjoy the day I still feel incredibley guilty about sitting watching tv all day as usually there are jobs that need doing but nothing major needs doing today so maybe I won't put myself on the guilt trip for once.
Once the first day of her leave is over we will then just watch a couple of episodes while we have our evening meal each day.
Tomorrow she has an opticians appointment so I will get the laundry done while she is out.
Wednesday we have Ruby for tea after school and then a top up shop when we drop her home.
Thursday is our trip to Abakhan Fabrics in Stoke followed by an early birthday lunch at Trentham Gardens and then Friday my actual birthday....I don't know exactly what we are doing if anything. Hopefully there will be time for a bit of sewing as I sat last night and cut out the pattern to make myself a pair or two of casual trousers.

Well I had better go and see what hubby fancies for his lunch before he goes to work. He likes to eat at about eleven thirty.

Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. I can't think of anything nicer. Enjoy your day.

  2. What a lovely day you have planned. In fact your whole week sounds nice. Enjoy without guilt.

  3. Sounds like a great week. Enjoy.

  4. I'm jumping up and down, saying I've been to Trentham was where sonshine graduated. A really hot day, the gardens were beautiful. Lucky you to be going there, have fun. x

  5. Oh Jackie yes it sure is beautiful there. We don't live too far away and go there often. You should try and go to one of the outdoor concerts or films. We went to Mama Mia and it was fantastic-x-


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