Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Here We Go Again!!!

Hubby is testing my patience this week. Normal people have something like a bowl of soup at lunchtime and what did he want today............bloody haggis with chips and gravy.
It's been lurking in the freezer since January so I suppose it was time to use it up but now I have to get rid of the smell and get my stomach back down to where it should be instead of it hanging about around my throat. The sight and smell of it make me gag.
One more horrible meal to cook for him and he will be removed to the shed with a camping

Sorting him out for work seems to take up an awful lot of time in a morning so that's all I seem to have done so far today. There is still some laundry to be done and a tidy up before Ruby arrives for tea.
The top up shop will be quick tonight as there isn't much we need really. DD and I have been very gentle on the supplies this week so for the moment we only need milk and butter.
No cooking again tonight as we have decided that we fancy tuna sandwiches while we watch an episode of Downton and then the first episode of the new Scott and Bailey which we have been waiting so long for. I am also muchly excited about hearing of the start of filming soon for a new Broadchurch.

Plans have changed for tomorrow. We have decided that we will be going to Derby instead of Stoke and we'll go to the noodle bar for lunch. We don't really know Stoke very well for shopping and there are other things I need to pick up besides fabric so we thought it best to go where we know we can get them from.

Okey to do the tidying.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. I've never tried haggis, I'd like to give it a go. I'm looking forward to the new series of Scott and Bailey but I'm disappointed that there's only three episodes in this series.

  2. Oh dear Sheila what a morning you have had. I would make absolutely certain that no haggis ever made it into my freezer again! I don't know that I would be as patient or as kind to let hubby choose his lunch. I'd probably give a choice of this or that.

    Enjoy your tea, sounds perfect with little Ruby and your daughter.


  3. I consider myself very fortunate. My husband loves soup (home made of course) and salad. Yes, he's a chap who loves salads.
    Margaret P

  4. I am blessed I have a husband who will literally eat whatever I put in front of him and luckily we both like the same. Enjoy tea with Ruby.

  5. What a morning! Enjoy your time with Ruby this evening. X


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