Friday, 1 April 2016

Some Kind Of Order!!!!!!
It's not quite perfect yet. There is way too much stuff that isn't stored in the cupboard and drawers for my liking but my mission....should I choose to accept to start work on reducing the amount of fabric in the two clear boxes in the corner.
The bottom box is quilt stuff and has batting and backing plus two quilts tops waiting to be backed. If I get those done then that box will be empty and in future I will only buy the batting and backing for the project I am working on. The top box will take longer to work through as it contains all sorts of fabrics for dressmaking and doll crafts. Both of the large bottom drawers of the filing cabinets house my 100% cotton fabrics. Christmas in one drawer and everyday in the other.
My sewing threads are now all housed in one drawer instead of several as the drawers are nice and deep. I couldn't fit my large spools in though so they are on the Ikea cake stand on top of the cupboard.
I'm trying to keep clutter to a minimum on top of the units but I have to keep the box handy that holds all of my various sewing machine feet so that is what is in the box next to the tape dispenser.
The grey rack is a temporary fix to hold clutter which will be found a better home at some point.
I won't show you the other corner.......that is a whole other mess that needs sorting
It's a very small room and still has to function as a dining room so the cupboard has casters and the filing cabinets will have casters when we can find some that don't require a second mortgage although I am sure that if I have a good root around hubby's shed there may be some in there that will do the job then it will just take a couple of minutes to wheel everything out when we have visitors for a meal.
I am one happy sewer now that everything is to hand and I don't have to go rooting around in other rooms for things.

While I have been finishing off the sorting there has been some minced beef in tomato, onion and garlic sauce bubbling away on the stove. That is just about to get layered into a lasagne to have with salad for tea so I'll go and sort that out shortly.
Thanks for popping by today.


  1. Its certainly looking good. Love the cake stand with the threads, looks amazing. Have a good weekend.

  2. Looks gorgeous! I do like those drawers - might have to get some for my room!


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