Thursday, 31 March 2016

Still Trying........!!! fit everything into my new storage units. However did I collect so much stuff?
One huge bag of ridiculous stuff has been burned. You know the kind of stuff I mean........'oooh I can make something out of that instead of chucking it away'. The pile builds and builds until you really have to question your own sanity. That has all gone now.
One huge bag of stuff is sitting in the back of hubby's van ready to go to the charity shop and I still have more stuff than will fit into the the tune of three storage boxes and two very large shopping bags. To be fair though I do have quilt batting and backings plus wadding and filling which takes up a lot of space. The rest can be worked at to reduce it down a bit.
I do finally have a very tidy decluttered corner in the kitchen which used to house the plastic drawers that stored my fabric. They have gone to DS for use as storage in their attic and I just need to find space to store but keep accessible Ruby's craft stuff now.

Nipped out this morning with hubby for a bit of fresh air and a look round the new Waitrose. It's nice but I won't be shopping there I'm afraid. I nearly dropped dead of shock at some of the prices although I was very impressed by the quality of the fruit and veg and the staff were lovely.

As it's a nice sunny day today (very cold though) we are having a ham salad for tea with crusty rolls. I do love a good salad.

Right off to finish up the last bit of sorting.
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  1. I've just discovered your blog via Jackies. You can't beat a good clear out. We are slowly decluttering and selling in the hope of creating more space. I really need to sort out my wool. I'm left with a lot of odds and ends which are crying out to be crocheted into squares. X

  2. Its the only supermarket where my daughter lives. Before she got her car it was cheaper to get a taxi to the next town and shop than it was to shop at Waitrose. Good luck with tidy up.

  3. Welcome Jules. Yes I must admit this clear out is certainly making me feel a bit more

    MM....I can well believe it was cheaper to get a taxi to the next town than it was to shop at Waitrose. Gosh it's expensive. It's only the second time I have been in one-x-

  4. Waitrose a weird experience, I enjoy getting followed by the store detective , but among the hideously overpriced strange stuff they sell there's their own brand cheap good stuff hiding


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