Saturday, 5 March 2016

Still Down....But Not Out Yet!!!

Thanks so much for the get well wishes yesterday. So kind.

I feel disgusting this morning but not bad enough to sprawl on the sofa so I am just going to crack on and get the baking done for tomorrow. If I am still germy I will stay away as I don't want to pass this on to DS who has had enough illness to last him a good while, DDIL who is pregnant or Ruby......I hate it when she is ill.
Hubby is getting to the end of his and DD is so far germ free and let's hope it stays that way.

Made a start on the serape yesterday but didn't have the energy I was born with to carry on so all that's done is the split up the front of the folded piece of fabric and a little shaping up to the neck.

Well I have rather a lot of onions to peel and prepare for various dishes so I will go and get started. Maybe the fumes will chase this cold away.
Thanks for visiting today.


  1. You certainly are doing well working through this terrible bug, take care!

  2. 1. Oh no, I'm here reading through your blog backwards - this is comment 1. I'm hoping you feel better soon! X

  3. I hope that the onions help. I am having a cook up this afternoon and have chopped my way through 8 onions, 2 heads of celery, 1 head of garlic and 3 large green peppers. I smell like a French cafe.

  4. Yes...good old onion juice should help the gunk to flow...lovely! x

  5. The onions didn't work......hubby offered to do


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