Saturday, 26 March 2016

No Surprise There Then!!!

Yesterday my old bones welcomed the warmth of a beautiful Spring day. Today we are back to heavy grey skies....of course we's Bank Holiday weekend. I won't be going anywhere. I've done my share of grinning and bearing it on wet and soggy days out so I am staying in and snuggling up with my sewing machine and a pile of scrap fabric to turn into doll clothes. I was going to Derby but I haven't got the energy.
Another easy tea today. We are just having sausages in crusty rolls as tomorrow I will be doing a hubby pleaser and cooking roast lamb.
I hope the rain holds off for you if you are out and about.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sheila,

    Staying home today was a good call and hopefully what you need to get over your cold and feel back to your old self. Have you any charity shops that it would be worth taking a look for the next size up for the baby? Babies grow so quickly and often the items are just like
    new at a much lower cost.

    A quick and easy tea is good every now and then and yours sounds nice.


  2. It's grey here but can't make its mind up? Definitely colder. I've finished the bottom half of the HG jumper. I'm going to do a bit of tapestry now whilst I wait for the dryer! It's all go!

  3. Unfortunately Sandy the charity shops in the little town (of which there are many) don't seem to get given anything very nice. I did actually venture out today despite saying I wouldn't (got a bit stir crazy in the end) and did have a look in them. I ended up at Peacocks which sells fabulous multi packs of things like little leggings and tops for very reasonable prices and got a good stash of beautiful clothes for £38.

    Rachel it is definitely colder here too and the fire has been lit. Well done on the jumper. Enjoy your tapestry.

  4. Sheila:

    Oh well done on getting out and I am sure that your son and daughter-in-law will be delighted with your generous purchase.

    Happy Easter!


  5. We are staying home today too. It is blowing a hoolie outside and we just feel like snuggling down in front of the tv. Happy Easter

  6. Yes tv for us after tea Cherie.....finishing off a box set we are watching.
    Happy Easter to you too-x-

  7. It is blowing a gale here, strong winds and torrential rain. Tesco's have got some sale items on multi pack vests and sleepsuits. M & Co have got a rather good sale on too with free delivery if you want to order on line. A night in with the TV sounds good.

  8. It's more drizzly here MM and windy on and off. Almost as if it can't make it's mind up what to do.
    I got some lovely things from Peacocks. I'll try and post some pics tomorrow-x-


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