Monday, 28 March 2016

Wet & Wild!!!

No visit to Carsington Water today. We have our own mini reservoir going on just down the road where it has flooded worse than we have seen for a good while. Not surprising seeing as how it has thrashed it down all night with no let up and hubby says it was snowing this morning too.
It is now drizzly, windy and cold so as hubby is off all week we'll see if we get a better day later on. There is also the possibility of a visit to a garden centre who have kindly sent us a voucher for 50% off any plant. We are in need of a plant or two for the back garden so we'll go and see what they have.

DD and I have exhausted our collection of tv series on dvd now so goodness knows what we will watch in the evenings. Last night hubby chose Gladiator which I do love but have seen so many times that I just couldn't bear to watch it again so I ended up surfing the net for a while.

I did some sewing yesterday but have nothing to show for it as the fabric I was using was horrible to sew with and it all ended up in the bin. No great loss as it was a piece from one of the scrap bags.
Onwards and upwards......I will have a go at something else today.

Hubby wanted some kind of jacket potatoes for his evening meal today so I am doing our favourite Hash Jackets filled with corned beef and onions and flavoured with horseradish and mustard. I shall serve them with some salad.'s time for coffee so I'll go and make us one.
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  1. I love the sound of hash jackets, not had that one before. The bank holiday TV has been abysmal, mainly repeats. Hope the water recedes quickly.

  2. We had every sort of weather! Sun, cloud, most, hail, downpours etc


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