Monday, 21 March 2016


We paid a flying visit to see Marlowe yesterday afternoon. Dropped off cards, flowers and the most important thing.....Sunday lunch for a hungry mummy, daddy and Ruby. We didn't stay too long as they were all tired and despite having a new baby in the house there was still the matter of everyday life to be getting on with.....getting Ruby bathed and prepared for school this morning and we didn't want to overwhelm them by rushing in and posing them all for photographs so the photo I added to yesterday's post is one from the hospital.
Grandad and I got our first cuddle though and got to see Ruby holding her.......which funnily enough is something I desperately wanted to see. She was so gentle and DDIL says she has been so helpful.
We are lucky enough to be only fifteen minutes away from them so offers of help in any form have been left and they know we are just at the end of the phone should they need us. For now we will just let them all settle in together and get into their routine. We will see lots of them in the coming weeks and Ruby will still be here for tea on Wednesdays.

Today we have the man coming to measure up for our roofline work. We've had the quote which made our eyes water a bit but it is a job that needs doing. It may have to be done in two parts as we have a three storey building and one part may need to have scaffolding which will add £800 to the bill so the dormer may be done seperately in a couple of months.

I have a few jobs to get done and then I am going to be sewing. Ruby loved the new dress for dolly and while she was here on Saturday she chose some fabric for a shorter version of it and another fabric for cropped trousers to go with it so ganma needs to get busy and try and get it done for Wednesday.
Hubby has chosen tea for tonight so we are having corned beef, salad and new potatoes which is one of his favourites so that is nice and easy.

Think I'll treat myself to a coffee before I start doing anything.
Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. The one thing I am looking forward to is seeing Bertie with his new sister, when she decides to put in an appearance. Just been back to look at the photos, she is gorgeous. Once again congratulations to you all.

  2. Thank you MM. She really is beautiful and we love her already-x-

  3. Oh Gorgeous! Now I'm getting excited for June and October

  4. So glad you are such sensible grandparents and know how to give space to the newly increased family...plenty of time when everyone has recovered from the birth and change in dynamics...x


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