Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Up & At It!!!

I was awake and in the shower at 7am this morning knowing that I had to get some jobs done before the man came to have a look at the outside work we want doing. By the time he came I had flung the duster and hoover round, washed all the pots and done some part baked baguettes for hubby's packing up so I am now twiddling my thumbs until it's time to feed him before he goes to work. Not enough time to start anything for the minute but once he has gone I shall have a couple or so hours before Ruby arrives for tea. I think I shall spend the time baking as hubby and DD have had no homemade cake for their pack ups for a little while with me not feeling like it.

Lovely and sunny today. I've had the windows thrown open but have had to close them now as it is very cold but it's freshened the air inside.

Time to feed the hubster so I'll go and sort him out.
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  1. Finally we have managed to get some outside jobs done, long may this last.

  2. Very chilly here today...but a bright afternoon...looks good tomorrow too...thank goodness. x


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