Thursday, 10 March 2016

Good Morning!!!

How polite we are when we say 'good morning' when in reality the view from my window tells a completely different story.
Heavy dark grey clouds tinged with yellow are threatening some kind of downpour. I can't hear many birds chirping so they are obviously tucked away somewhere cosy to sit out whatever is coming and to keep warm. It is very cold this morning.

It was good to get out of the house last night and stock up on some shopping. No bargains to be had in T***o at all unless you wanted nasty little donuts with pink icing and sprinkles. I was hoping for veg and meat but both sections were empty.
DD treated me to a hot chocolate in Costa while we were there. Couldn't taste a thing but it was nice to put my hands around a warm cup before we did the rounds of the shop.

Another day when DD will be cold from being out all day and hubby will be working over night so something rib sticking and comforting for tea in the shape of a beef casserole. Hubby will want big fluffy dumplings and DD and I will have tiny crispy ones. Mmmm.....looking forward to that.

We have a new addition to Ruby's doll family. I have had some money in my purse for ages which wasn't housekeeping money so I spent some of it on Lucy. She is another DesignAFriend doll. I thought it would be nice for her to have two dolls here so that we can play games together when she is here.

Oh well there's a surprise....I don't think. Those clouds are rain clouds and it is now thrashing it down. Much as I love winter even I am ready for some sunshine and warmth now. I'll have to make do with the heat from the cooker for now.

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  1. Rain has stopped all my plans for the week, I too am ready for a little sunshine.

  2. You now have a reason to sew another new wardrobe of exquisite designer gear! It's cold here but beautiful blue sky gold. We've played out at Night Owls every night!


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