09 March 2016

Wet Wednesday!!!

It's been raining all night and it looks like it is set for the day so another day the windows won't get done but they are not going anywhere so I'm not too bothered.

Despite not being able to taste or smell anything yesterday all of the meals I cooked turned out well and I didn't kill
I was shattered by the time I had done though and the headache returned and I had to retire to the sofa so my lovely hubby did tea for me and we ended up having some of the savoury mince with chips and mushy peas. They said it was't tell you.

Today I am just going to have a quick tidy up and a hoover round once hubby gets up. Ruby has requested eggy bread for her tea so I am going to do a quick tea for the rest of us.....oven baked sausages with tomatoes and crusty bread. Hubby may get mushrooms with his if there are any left in the fridge.
I'm going to nip and do a bit of shopping tonight when we take Doodle Bird home. There are things we need but most of all I need to get out and see something other than my own four walls. I am going stir crazy as the only place I have been since last Friday is the two and a bit hours I spent at DDIL's on Sunday.

Hope you all manage to stay dry today.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. It has not stopped raining here for hours, there are pools of water everywhere. Even the roads are quite dangerous as water is laying across them. Perfect weather for the ducks...

  2. I'm just wondering how hubby will find the roads. He has just gone out to the little town and there are a couple of stretches of the road that flood. Having said that though I have seen parcel vans and the postie has been this morning so fingers crossed.

  3. I wonder if you should try a hot curry to try and revive your taste/smell senses?!! A hot curry always gets my nose running! So it's really helpful if I'm feeling all bunged up nose wise!!! I do t have any other bunged up bodily issues lol


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