Tuesday, 8 March 2016

On The Road To Normal!!!

The cold/flu/lurgy thing seems to be easing. I started to feel a little better last night. The earache and sore throat went quite quickly and I am just left with a slight cough and bunged up nose. For the first time since hubby got back from South Africa I have woken up without a headache which is absolute bliss.
DD started with the lurgy yesterday. I didn't see her this morning so I hope she is OK.

I think I feel like cooking today so I have pulled some minced beef and minced lamb out of the freezer. I'll make a couple of shepherds pies, some savoury mince and a minced beef and onion pie or two. Some will go to DDIL so that they have meals for after she has had baby and some will go back into our freezer.
I could do with doing a freezer shop but I want to use up all the odds and ends first so I'll have a look to see if there are any things that I can cook to put into lunch boxes for hubby and DD.
Depending on time I also have another job on my list which has been there for some weeks.........the storage/lunch box cupboard is desperate for a tidy out. I have way too many and they need culling before they take over the house.

The making of the serape hasn't moved on at all while I have been unwell so if I get all my jobs done today I will have time to do that either tonight or tomorrow. There are two more unfinished projects plus a set of four cushion covers I want to get done and then I am going back into doll clothes making which I am really looking forward to.

It's cold here today with thick clouds although there is a little bit of sunshine getting through.
The kitchen will soon be nice and warm though once I start cooking.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Mmmmm...transport me to a homely kitchen filled with gorgeous cooking smells and laughter...x

  2. All sounds delicious, but I am a great fan of Shepherds pie so let me know which day...

  3. Lol Jackie..........I couldn't smell a thing and that is my most favourite part of cooking. might want to give this batch a miss. Still got no powers of taste so goodness knows how it's turned out.


  4. Sheila:

    Good news that you are on the mend, especially in the event you need to be DIL coach.

    I am another who would certainly be happy to come for tea or just about any time for your fabulous cooking.

    Take care and hugs from USA.


  5. currently cooking from scratch at every meal due to more mouths same money disorder , yes its cheaper but its got tedious with the constant whining from certain parties in the household reached the , I could kill for a fishfinger sandwich stage


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