Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Meet Lucy!!!

Getting ready for Summer
Lucy is our model for today and she is wearing the latest outfit I have made. I altered and remade the pattern and the top now goes together a lot easier and looks much nicer. It's not hanging very well at the moment as I sprayed the fabric with sews so much better.....and it needs to be washed.
Although the fabric I used for the cropped trousers came in a fat quarter stack with the fabric I used for the top I don't think it's a fabulous match so I am going to make more trousers with some other blue fabric I have. In fact I am going to make a whole heap of trousers in different colours as they only take about ten minutes to make and then there will be a colour to go with almost anything.

Marlowe had her checks done at the hospital yesterday and everything is fine. DDIL also had the feeding nurse going in to see her but little munchkin doesn't seem to be having any problems at all.

Another simple tea tonight.....garlic and herb chicken with some of the salad left over from last night. Hubby wants a few chips with his but DD and I will just have a crusty roll.

I've not done much but sew this morning while waiting for laundry to wash and dry. I just need to run the hoover over the lounge now hubby is up then sweep and mop the kitchen floor after tea and that is me done for housey jobs today. Tomorrow I plan on baking so I expect the floor will need doing

It's a bit dull and dreary here and again not a breath of wind so all the laundry being towels, tea towels etc they have been tumble dried after a good long spin to reduce the drying time. Come on sunshine it's about time you got your hat on and came out to play.

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  1. Busy bee again today...I shall have to send you some of my stash of material with a list of requirements at this rate! X

  2. Lucy looks adorable in her new glam outfit. Glad to hear Marlowe is doing well. Take care.


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