Thursday, 3 March 2016

Putting On A Show!!!

Well Mother Nature was certainly in show off mood yesterday. I thought we were just in for a wet day but we got.....thrashing down rain, rain with a little bit of snow, rain with a lot of snow, rain, bright sunshine and blue sky and to top it all she ended the day with very strong winds which had me cowering under the bedclothes certain that something was going to come crashing through the window. It was very noisy and scary.

This morning I woke up with sore ears and a nasty throat....oh joy.
My son has been ill for a while, first with the tonsilitis and now he has an ear and throat infection which has knocked him for six. I saw him on Sunday and gave him a hug which as a mother you just do don't you? I thought I had perhaps caught it off him but now I have had my breakfast cuppa I feel a lot better so here's hoping.

When DDIL dropped Ruby off yesterday she was in some pain at the top of her legs and looking at her I could see that her bump had dropped quite a lot. I think baby may be getting ready to launch itself. She is worried that with DS being ill that he won't be able to be with her and so she has asked that if that was the case would I be her birth partner. What an honour. I do hope DS is well enough to do it but I would be happy to if he can't.

The two and a half hours I spent with Ruby last night were so full of joy. I am immensely proud of the beautiful girl she is growing into. I admit that in her early years I was worried as she was a very unhappy baby, very screamy and high maintenance. She did have her moments in the smiles and giggles department but on the whole she was very hard work. At six she is just the nicest, kindest little girl and I love her so much.........especially when she says things like........ganma you make the best chicken pie....ever!!! Bless her.

No big jobs to do today....just a bit of laundry to finish off and then I am going to do some sewing. In the last scrap bags I bought there was a huge piece of white stretch towelling type fabric which I am going to make into a bath time wrap. I won't ever use it if I don't do something with it straight away so that is my project for today and if I get that finished I will start on a serape with the two metres of black fleece that I have stashed away leaving me lots of room to store more fabric....yay!!!

Off to make a start then.
Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. Saw what a busy and clever lady you are! Go Ganma!!x

  2. We got the rain and the wind but no snow yesterday and a little sun and blue sky for a few moments. I was blessed to be the birth partner for my daughter when Bertie was born, it was not easy to see her in so much pain but such a beautiful experience to see your grand baby been born, I was able to cut the cord which was a great honour. The same daughter is due in the next week or so I am one excited Granny.

  3. I'm so excited MM that I almost can't bear it. It only seems five minutes since we got the news that DDIL was expecting again after an earlier miscarriage but I expect these last few weeks will seem endless-x-

  4. 3. Well, reading these backwards, I'm not going to bother and say I hope it turns into I know tomorrow's post paints a very poorly story! Whilst I hope your DS well, if you get chance to be there at the birth, it's something quite magical! I think I could quite easily be a midwife!

  5. Oooooh no, no, no, no Rachel....I shall be up at the noisy, sweary end....someone else can be down the messy end. I could never be a midwife much as I like


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