Monday, 7 March 2016

Lazy Monday!!!

This cold/flu/lurgy type thing is really kicking my bottom and I don't think there was one of us at the gathering yesterday that felt 100%. I think Ruby may be coming down with it as she had a temperature and wasn't her usual self.
I have now developed earache, a sore throat and my ribs are sprained with all the coughing. There won't be much housework done today and tea will be a roast dinner....which hubby missed yesterday.....(quiche isn't Sunday lunch to him) Leftover beef which was frozen in gravy. roast potatoes and Yorkshires with some veg and that's about all I can cope with.

Hubby's van is in for a service today so we can't go out for a wander as we sometimes do which is probably a good thing as I don't want to be spreading germs about.

This afternoon when hubby has gone for a sleep before he goes on nightshift I think I will snuggle on the sofa for a while and either watch some tv or sleep depending on what I feel like. It's quite sunny here today and by this afternoon it will be shining through the living room window and it will be lovely and warm in there.

Hope you are all managing to dodge the germs.
Thanks for visiting today.


  1. Winter is finally happening here, icy rain and horrible wind. Stay in the warm and get better soon.

  2. It's like a spring day here but very, very cold. Not even a breeze.
    I am just about to light the fire so I will be nice and warm soon-x-


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