Friday, 18 March 2016

Dolly's New Dress!!!

All In Green
At last the dress I was working on is finished. The pattern has had to be drastically altered to fit the DesignAFriend body size but I got there in the end and along the way have worked out more improvements that can be made to make the dress less fiddly to make in future.......some of these doll patterns are unecessarily complicated.
There will be a pair of cropped trousers to go with this when I find some fabric to go with it. This was from a Hobbycraft fat quarter stack and I don't feel inclined to buy any more as it wasn't very nice to work with. You have to sew and be done. If you unpick anything it turns into a ragged mess.
Chloe is modelling again today as Miss Ruby fell in love with the the new doll Lucy and decided to take her home for a while.

The migraine had gone by this morning which I was very glad about. I couldn't face having another one that lasted for days on end.

I planned to make a start on washing the dining room curtains today but it was very gloomy when I got up and not a breath of wind so they are another job on the back burner as I don't want to dry them in the tumble dryer in case they shrink.

A simple tea for DD and I tonight.......grilled bacon with hash browns, baked beans and toast. Mind you I could go for salad again which I had for tea last night. It was absolutely lush. Just a plain salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and cress with a small slice of roast beef, a small slice of ham, a tiny bit of grated cheese and some of the plain cooked beetroot with no vinegar that I love so much.
Hubby gets in at just after 7pm tonight so I have to start all over again and cook for him when he gets in as he is having pulled pork in crusty rolls........eeewwww.......I don't like pulled pork. Actually it's the sauce I don't like. It smells horrible.

Well that's me for today. I need to go and sort out a bit of recycling and then it will be just about time for DD to get in.
Bye for now....and thanks for visiting today.

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  1. Love the dress, the little heart buttons are a real delight. I have curtains to wash but am waiting for the weather to pick up a bit, it has been drizzle all day.


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