Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Well Cushioned!!!

Yesterday I wanted something simple to sew where I didn't have to alter patterns or do any fiddly fitting. This fabric has been in my stash for a little while so out it came and within an hour there were two cushions to brighten up our very tired looking sofa. Today I will see what other fabric I have and make a couple more.
The fabric was two offcuts at £1 each from Derby market. I have been looking for new cushion covers but I doubt I would get two for £2 from anywhere.

I managed to get out for a short while this morning. We went to the garden centre and purchased a new plant for the garden using a 50% voucher. We chose a beautiful Hydrangea in lime green with a dark pink edging to the flowers. It should have been £18.99 but we got it for £9.50.......bargain. Just need to find the right spot for it now.

This thing which I have been calling a cold I no longer believe is a cold. It's more like hay fever or an allergy. My eyes are gritty and sore, my nose is constantly running and my cough dry and tickly so I think I will see if I can get in to see the doctor for advice about anything I can take to relieve it. I daren't buy over the counter stuff as I am on other medication and am not sure what I can take with it.
I need some solution as I am exhausted now.

With hubby being off this week I didn't make a meal plan as such. There was just a loose idea that we would use stuff up out of the freezer where we could. Today hubby will be having faggots.....and he is quite welcome to them. DD and I will probably use up the last of the sausages with some tinned tomatoes and crusty bread and that's about as creative as I shall get in the kitchen

Funny weather today. One minute it's dark and thrashing it down with rain and the next bright and sunny but it's very cold. We've just driven past Sudbury Hall and seen several people braving the cold to eat their picnics at the tables near the car park. I hope they have some hot drinks with them.

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  1. You certainly have an eye for a bargain, both with the fabric and the plant. The weather seems to be the same here periods of heavy rain and then sunshine but cold.

  2. I do like my bargains MM. I'm just never very lucky with the yellow stickers at the supermarket.

  3. The cushion covers are so Spring like X gorgeous


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