Thursday, 17 March 2016

Give Me Strength!!!

I've had enough now of not feeling on top form. Weeks of headaches followed by nearly three weeks with a cold and now another migraine. When will it flippin' end?
I have no intention of giving in to this latest blip and will plod on as usual until it decides to go away. That could be anything from a day to over a week. At the moment it's just about bearable.

Another supermarket for little town has opened this morning in the form of a Waitrose and I've heard that there is an Aldi opening at some point too. How many more do we need?
Hubby went to have a look round but I don't think I will be doing much shopping there.

DD will be coming home to change and going straight out again tonight so there will only be me for tea. If I am hungry I will have cold meat and salad if not just some toast and tea.

Seven days to baby's due date and DDIL is in mega nesting mode and having a huge declutter. Ruby is super excited now and that baby is going to be getting lots of big sister kisses when it comes. She especially wants to kiss it's little cheeks and it's teeny, tiny feet so she tells me........but she is not going anywhere near it's nappies without a peg on her nose. Oh my darling girl is going to be such a fab big sister.

Well I'll go and have a tidy up in the kitchen now hubby has gone and then decide what I will do for the rest of the day.
Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Waitrose is quite expensive, or so I am led to believe by my daughter whose only supermarket in the town is a Waitrose. Exciting times with a new baby on the horizon, hopefully you will be feeling so much better. Take it easy.


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