Friday, 4 March 2016

Down She Goes!!!

I have succumed to the germs that have been surrounding me for what seems like weeks. A hacking cough that feels like my throat is being ripped out, gritty eyes, a throbbing swollen nose and a head that feels like it's been kicked by a horse. I am down but I am not out. I will carry on until I have to give in and take to the sofa.

The bath time wrap was made yesterday and I love it. It's very simple being just a tube with elastic around the top and the bottom has been edged with homemade pink candy stripe bias binding. I think it has cost me about a pound in total. I've never sewn stretch towelling before so I spent some time with an offcut trying out stitches to find the best one for the job which paid off but I don't think I would buy any for a repeat performance.
No time to start on the serape so I may start that today.

Hubby has just left for work so I have a nice long afternoon until DD comes home and we go shopping. I have baking to do for the weekend as we are having a Mother's Day get together at my daughter in laws house. Her mum is coming up from London and there will be quite a houseful so we are having a cold buffet. I will make a couple of quiches, a bowl of coleslaw and a huge bowl of my famous potato and frankfurter salad and DDIL is adding green salad, assorted meats, crusty bread and pickles. Something sweet to have with a cuppa is a must so I will be making more of the lemon meringue cupcakes which went down very well at the baby shower. I expect the shopping bill will be slightly higher this week with the extras I have to get but not too bad I hope.

I have seen snow this morning.....not a lot but they do say the Midlands will be getting some.
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  1. Just when you think Spring is in the air, it snows. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was reading in the paper that we may have a white Easter. I won't put a bet on

  3. I know sometimes you think you have avoided the illness and then you get it right at the end. I hope you feel better soon. xx

  4. A www Sheila...I hope the bugs don't stay long for you...a real drag especially when a nice weekend is planned X

  5. 2. Ya know, it's a good job you are not a man, with all that work to do! Mine would have succumbed to his bed!

  6. Mine would be flopped on the sofa Rachel most likely watching second world war films or James Bond which drives me crazy. I would much rather he went to bed-x-


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