Sunday, 27 March 2016

Of BabyThings!!!

Simple little dresses

Dress and legging sets

Cute little vest set

T shirts and leggings
I gave in and went out yesterday. It was rather dull and dreary but the rain kept off for a while. We popped into Peacocks and picked up these next size clothes for Marlowe......just simple everyday things for now and not so expensive that you have a heart attack if she spits up on anything.
Afterwards we decided to have a walk down the High Street and I am so glad that we did as there was a beautiful Makers Market going on. There was some very, very gorgeous stuff but the highlight of my visit was the flower stall. It wasn't just any old flower stall but had been made to look like a vintage garden shed. It was stunning. Next time we go (last Saturday of every month) I will take my camera so that I can show it to you.

I am still full of this cold and this morning my eyes were glued together with some disgusting gunk. They had to be gently wiped with damp cotton wool to get them apart.
I am seriously sick of being out of sorts now and am getting quite bad tempered which isn't like me at all. I might get hubby to take me a ride to Carsington Water tomorrow to see if I can blow some of the germs away. I don't fancy going today, it will be heaving with people as there is very little else to do today with everywhere being closed.

The roast lamb is roasting away and smelling delicious and the roast potatoes are just about to go in so I shall get off and do that. Once lunch is over I shall be

Thanks for your visit today.


  1. Impressive shopping, its a shop I never think to go in Peacocks. I must pop in next time I go to town. Take care.

  2. Soooooooo sweet! I love baby clothes

  3. The makers market sounds lovely...I'm rather interested in what goes on up around your way as son lives near Uttoxeter and that's not really that far may be planning a week of escape later in the year! Though I'd be travelling by train at least one way so would have to rely on public transport on the weekdays. x


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