Friday, 11 March 2016

Energy...What Energy?!!!

This cold is taking some very strange twists and turns and is starting to get on my last nerve now. Just as I think it is clearing up back it all comes along with an added symptom. Last night after tea my legs were so wobbly that I had to take to the sofa again, my nose which had started to clear became blocked again and the cough came back with a vengeance. There is one good thing though......despite all the blowing and hacking and headache has gone at last.

Hubby is fancying fish and chips from the chip shop today so he and DD can have that. I don't have much of an appetite at the moment so I will probably go with soup or something on toast. That means no cooking today so I am going to have a gentle crafty day and do some sewing. I can't face finishing the bigger projects or the cushion covers as I just don't have the energy so I have pulled out a very pretty fat quarter stack and a pattern to make some summer clothes for the dolls.

Smudge dog has had to go the vets this morning. We have been worried that he may have developed diabetes as he has been drinking huge amounts of water just lately.....up to two bowls a day which is a lot for him. The vet says he doesn't have diabetes but he has taken a blood test to see if he has something called Cushings Disease. Having Googled it I can see that he does have some of the symptoms but less than half of them so I am hopeful that he doesn't have it. It can be treated with medication which would probably be for the rest of his life but I really don't want to have the trauma of getting him to take tablets. Anyway we will know later today. My poor little scrumplet....I do love him so.

Well that's me for today. If I get anything finished I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by to see me today.

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  1. Hope all goes well with the vets. There are so many strange virus's about at the moment, hope you feel better soon.


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