Saturday, 9 October 2010

Super Fast!!!

Having had major problems with the laptop I have been using downstairs, Mr Manic......sick of hearing my unladylike mutterings decided that he would buy me a new computer. That's what we have been up to today. We went out and bought it plus he bought me a beautiful new corner desk to put it on. It's all set up now and is a trillion times faster than the old laptop.
So the back room at Manic Towers will be getting a bit of a makeover before Christmas. The tumble dryer has gone back out to the shed and we are going to remove the nine foot long worktop that used to be my desk when this was my workroom. In will come the dining table and a small sideboard and I will also make some curtains so that it looks more like part of the house than the local dumping ground. This will leave a lovely biggish area at one end of the kitchen for Ruby to play in when she is here.

I've done no work upstairs yet today so unfortunately nothing to share but I will have tomorrow.
Yesterday I inserted and bagged about sixty cards.........all found stuffed in various baskets and boxes around my workroom. Most I had forgotten that has filled my box up a bit.

Well my lovely hubby has just put the kettle on so I am off to grab my space in the front row for X Factor.

Thanks for dropping by.

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