Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Doin' The Happy Dance!!!

Yes that sound of thumping feet means that the cupcake boxes are finished at last!!!!!
There they are......all 150 of them. I wrapped them up to keep them safe from stray ink and spilt coffee as I couldn't face having to make any more.
Next jobs are to handwrite the vows onto some handmade paper and make them into scrolls and to marzipan and ice the small traditional cake but not tonight I'm afraid as I'm not feeling 100%. I'm just going to wash the tea pots and then loll on the sofa with my book for a while until Apprentice comes on.

Don't know what posting will be like from now until after the wedding. I'm at work tomorrow but doubt if I'll get chance to make anything. Friday we have an all day class. Saturday I have to go out with DD. Sunday DDIL and Miss Doodle are coming for lunch. Monday I have to go get my hair cut. Tuesday is Trial Cupcake Day. Wednesday is actual baking day. Thursday is decorating cupcakes day and start prepping the stuff for all of the salads and Friday is The Big Day. Saturday will be 'Where is Sheila ? Day' and the answer to that will probably be....totally knackered and fast I'll need to be awake later as we are having Miss Doodle for the night. Blimey.....I'm tired just reading that back.
Anyway if I do manage to snap anything interesting and I have a spare can be sure I'll blog it.

Thanks for your visit today.

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  1. Busy busy busy..

    hope all goes well and enjoy!!!



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