Monday, 4 October 2010

Back Again!!!

Ooo'er......picture is a bit blurrier than it looked on the upstairs computer but as the picture of a card I made looked even worse I am going with this one. ETA....pic now replaced with a slightly less blurry one.
The paper is a bit past it's sell by date for me but I thought it made quite a pretty tote bag. Inside are six C6 cards which at the moment only have their paper layers on but I felt the urge to do something I didn't 'have' to do before I started on the job list.
So paper and flowers are Papermania and the flower is finished with a Card Candy circle touched up with a bit of Tea Dye Distress Stickles.
The card I will post tomorrow after I retake the photo.

One job done from the wedding list today. I printed off all of the hearts for the top of the boxes. It's a good job I hadn't done them all as DDIL decided she wanted her full name on them and not the shortened version so I redid that in Digital Scrapbook Artist. It took forever to print them as the printer didn't like the card I was using. It had to have a gentle shove to help it through and it kept feeding straight through. Took about four attempts for each sheet and I was getting quite stressed by the time I'd done. Never mind....all done now and just need cutting out which I will start later after a bath while I watch something on IPlayer.

Mr Manic is taking me out on Saturday to buy a new computer for downstairs. I really dislike this laptop or maybe it's the Vista I don't like but whatever it is I won't have to put up with it much longer...yay!!!

Righty Ho........a nice hot bath is calling me so I'll get off.
Thanks for dropping in.

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