Friday, 22 October 2010

Have A Heart!!!

Well......two weeks today it will all be over bar the shoutin' they say.
So in ever so slight panic mode today I cracked on with the boxes and the finished box now holds 110.......only forty to go....thank goodness.
I got a bit chilly upstairs so came down and started on cutting the sugarpaste that is a job I could quite happily have gone my whole life without doing and not missed!!! I've never worked with it feels disgusting and I was getting in a right old mess with it until I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and nipped upstairs to fetch a new Poundland non-stick mat. Things are going much better now but I shan't half be glad when it's done.

I'm dispatching hubby to Ikea tomorrow to pick up some large glass bowls for the salads while I crack on and get other jobs done. Hope he gets them all back in one!!!

Anyway........back to the sugarpaste.
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