Monday, 4 October 2010


Oh me poor neglected blog.
All I can say's been a mad weekend.
Saturday we were supposed to collect HRH Princess Ruby at lunchtime but we got a call at 7am to ask if we could collect her as DDIL had been up all night with a stomach bug and was very poorly. So off we trotted to Derby and picked her up with all her paraphenalia. A removal van would have been more use than a!!!
By early afternoon DDIL had recovered sufficiently to attend her hen party thank goodness.
We think Ruby might have had a touch of the said stomach bug as she was very fractious for most of the afteroon and evening and finally slept from 8pm to 5:30am.
She was fine on Sunday. Lots of smiling and giggling.
The hen night was fabulous according to all concerned and judging by the photos it certainly was.
Sunday afternoon I was totally wrecked and slept for about five hours and then vegged for the rest of the day watching X Factor and then some more Law and not get me started on the judges choices on X Factor..........I am hopping mad at some of the acts they let go but at least Matt Cardle is through.....yay!!!
Katie Wassel is this years Danyl methinks. I can't stand her but I'm sure some people will like her.

Anyway I am off upstairs where I haven't even been since Friday and hopefully I will be back later with something to show.
Bye for now

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