Friday, 23 February 2018

It All Went Downhill !!!

I had a lovely afternoon/evening with Ruby yesterday. 
Heard all about the trip to London and the theatre which she thoroughly enjoyed. 
A lovely meal out at The Wing Wah Chinese buffet......Ruby's most favourite place to eat.
We dropped her home afterwards and I went to bed pleasantly tired and expecting a good night of sleep. I managed until 2am then woke with the most dreadful stomach pains and spent pretty much the rest of the night in the bathroom. I am exhausted this morning.

Today Andy has had to take Smudge to the vet as what we thought was a chest infection....which did clear for a while after a course of antibiotics......has come back. The vet now thinks that it is his heart and they have also discovered that he is going blind. My poor, poor little boy.
With the Cushings under control now we had thought that things were looking up. His coat is back to it's usual glossy gorgeousness and his little eyes are as bright as buttons again.
Now he is on four lots of medication and I am dreading trying to get those down him as he is not a fan of tablets.

I think me and my boy will just have a quiet day today. I feel the need to give him lots of cuddles and attention and to be honest I don't feel like doing much else so a cup of tea and a bit of daytime telly sounds like a good plan.

Just want to say a huge thank you to Pam for the Thangles. I will try them out and let you know how I get on. I'm excited to see if I will finally be able to do decent triangles.

Hope you all have a good day.


  1. So sorry you aren't feeling well. Was it something you ate? Hope it doesn't last too long. Sounds like a day to take it easy. Sorry to hear about your dear cat. Mine is getting old too. Sometimes he acts like a Spring chicken other days a weary old man. I'm surprised this winter seems easier on him than last winter.

  2. I do hope you're feeling a bit better by now Sheila. Smudge cuddles are bound to help. X

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell, Sheila and hope you can have a quiet day with Smudge. I’m curious to know what Thangles are and look forward to the photos. Take care. Catriona

  4. Hope you are feeling a little better, could it be another virus or the food? Cuddles with Smudge sounds like a good day.

  5. Oh dear...not such a pleasant end to the day. Poor little least he has a good home with loving owners that are doing right by him x

  6. Keeping everything crossed that poor Smudge is okay. A day on the settee cuddling him sounds lovely - much better than being outside...brrrr! xxx

  7. Oh you poor thing, Sheila, what a rotten thing to happen. And your poor cat too. A quiet day seems to be the best thing for both of you. Hope you feel much better now xx

  8. Oh no poor you Sheila and poor Smudge too. Stay in the warm and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. Jane xx


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