Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Weekend Stash Shopping!!!

Today I thought I would show you the fabrics and seasonal crafting things I managed to pick up at the weekend.
So here we go......

Lots of beautiful things to make in this book from The Works....and a small stash of vintage felt to make them with. I need to look for somewhere with a more comprehensive range of colours as I was limited for choice on the market.

Backing fabrics for quilts. The white on white swiss dot is for Marlowe and the grey and beige for DS and DDIL .....although I am a bit would make a lovely top or skirt.

Adding to my stash of fabrics for making bags.

One pound remnants to add to the stash drawer.

Another bag pattern to add to my growing collection.

A few seasonal bits to add to the crafting box. The mini trees are to make some snow scenes in jars. The Let It Snow words will e used for some Epsom Salts candle jars and the leaves for a small Autumn display in the dining room.

A bargain from Poundland. They had lots of different signs including some that weren't Christmassy.

I picked up a couple of gorgeous wooden beer bottle crates from Poundland. One will be painted and distressed and live on the kitchen windowsill to hold the washing up liquid, bleach etc and the other will be painted and decorated to hold two of the sock snowmen I made last year for display at Christmas.

Very happy with all of my purchases and I just love buying fabric from Derby market. All the yardage I bought is beautiful quality and none of it was more than £5 per metre.
There were a couple more things I got but can't show at the moment as they are stocking fillers for Ruby Doodle.

All I need to do now is get sewing and crafting but it won't be today as it is way too hot for me to be dealing with swathes of fabric wrapped round me while I sew. Instead I am going to be sorting out my patterns and banding them together by type so that I can actually find what I want when I want it. I have so many now.

Thanks for stopping by today....and I hope you are all managing to keep cool.


  1. What a great haul, some beautiful fabrics. I must take a trip to Poundland the crates were stunning.

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Once the weather turns cold you will be in business. You did quite nicely. I especially like the crates.

    It has gone very hot again here today (about 90F and quite humid) - I broke down and turned the AC back on! I can't stand being so hot.


  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and I love the pattern for the bags too and the fabrics ooooooo love it love it ! We are so alike!!

  4. Goodness you are going to be so busy! x


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