Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Epic Fail!!!

I couldn't finish off the painting last night.
It wasn't that I couldn't be body just wouldn't let me. My shoulders hurt, my knees hurt where I have been kneeling down to do the cutting in around the skirting boards and the backs of my legs hurt where I have been stretching to do the cutting in along the ceiling line on the staircases.
All in all I am a bit of a
I really need to get it finished tonight after Ruby has gone home so DD is going to drop her home while I get on with the last bit of cutting in and then she is kindly going to do the rest of the rollering for me. 
Once we hear from the carpet company with a date for fitting we need to whip up the carpet on the upper staircase and see what we can do about fixing a creak on the landing and a couple of the stairs. Then the day before they come I want to get the rest of the carpet up, hoover all the way down and then have a wipe over with some disinfectant. That carpet has been there for over twenty years so I think it will need it.
The day they come to fit it will be a bit of a Red Letter Day for me.....the first time in forty years that I haven't had to lay my own carpet.

Another first today......I am going to be making some rissoles for tea. I don't know why I have never made them before because my Grandma used to make them and I remember loving them So I am using up what is left of the pork from Sunday and I'll add some onion, breadcrumbs and herbs, bind it together with an egg and just see if they are as delicious as I recall them being.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit scary round here. Apparently the travellers have been setting things on fire and generally causing trouble so we had fire engines and police everywhere. I could hear the local gobs***e talking to the police and there was mention of them having shotguns and all sorts. Honestly it was like something off the telly.

Not much to do on the domestic front besides prepare tea and hoover before Ruby comes so I think I'll have a coffee before I start.
Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. We had creaky stairs and after struggling with them, finally asked a joiner to look at them. We weren't here when he did them but he said there is a special type of expanding foam they use, so it might be worth looking into. Sounds like you've worked really hard over the past few days, no wonder you're aching all over.

    The traveller situation sounds horrendous. Is is something you have to put up with on a regular basis or do they just pitch up every year like they seemed to do on an industrial estate a mile or so from us, although they don't seem to have been there for the past couple of years? xx

  2. Hi Suzanne.......lovely to hear from you.
    I have to say that we have been really lucky and only had visits from the travellers about half a dozen times in twenty years in our immediate area but they are always about somewhere either in the next village or a couple or so villages away. I don't like them around. I have to keep my eye on the dog all of the time and I don't like Ruby playing outside when they are just in the field at the back of us. They got served with a notice to move and moved just across the fence into the farmers field. It's a nightmare.
    Anyway....I hope you are well and happy and I look forward to your end of month post-x-

  3. Hope the aches and pains feel better soon. I haven't had rissoles for years, I could just fancy them now. Have a great time with Ruby.

  4. It will be worth it when its all done, then you can rest up a bit and admire your work

  5. Now just you listen 'ere Mrs...stop berating yourself for not finishing the humongous task of that painting job. You are after all a Ganma! It will be done in good time. How about a nice cup of tea...wise words that I would do well to heed myself...decorating the church today and need to let my assessor know that there is no way I'll have my assignments done by Monday! x


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