Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Poundland Beer Crate Makeover!!!

I like it too much to use it to store washing up stuff on the kitchen window sill so I have snaffled it for my sewing tools.

A close up of the tissue paper decoupage.

I started off by giving the whole piece two coats of Craig & Rose Chalky Emulsion in Morris Blue then used a sanding block to knock the paint back and distress it.
Next I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Old Paper to go around the edges and let it dry.
The tissue was applied with Mod Podge and allowed to dry thoroughly before I gave the crate a coat of wax and buffed it.
The Craig & Rose paint was an absolute dream to work with and the coverage was excellent. The sample pot I used cost about £2.50 and the two coats used less than a quarter of the pot so plenty left for other projects.
I really enjoyed doing this project and I wish I could find some more of these crates as I can see uses for them all over the house.

What would you class as 'early afternoon' ?
We were told the carpet fitters would be here early afternoon and they haven't arrived yet.
I'm sat here like a numpty not being able to have the washing machine on or anything else that makes a noise as I wouldn't hear them knock at the door if I did........must remind hubby to pick up a doorbell this week.
I hope they don't arrive too late as I really need to go out tonight and get a few things for hubbys' birthday tomorrow.

No Miss Doodle for tea today. She is coming tomorrow instead as DS wants to take her out after school today to buy her a treat as she has been such a good girl lately both at school and at home. Today is his only day off so he asked if we could swap. 
Apparently she is having some shoes with wheels in..........and I want some too. I just think they are so cool.

I think I might get the other crate out and give it a coat of paint while I'm waiting for the carpet fitters to arrive.

Hope you are all having a good day.




  1. Shelia that is really good, Pounland have some good bit, ideal for transformations x

  2. Fantastic transformation. I love those wee sample pots of paint. We ere to have a new fireplace fitte two weeks after ordering it. Weare now well into week 3 and not even a phone call! Carpet is on order and can't be fitted until the fireplace is done.
    Early afternoon would be around 1pm for me but people's manners regarding timekeeping are atrocious. Catriona

  3. Thank you Catriona.......that is exactly the kind of time I was expecting......he has just arrived-x-


  4. brilliant make over, I love altered art projects like that playing with different mediums, early afternoon for me is between 1 and 2pm, I was told early afternoon the other day for the compost delivery it arrived at 3-30, good luck with the carpets you will be running up and down those stairs wearing it in :-)

  5. That is such a great makeover, I see so many possibilities with those crates. I must get myself down to poundland. Hope all goes well with the carpet fitting.

  6. Lovely job of the'll be a modge podge whizz now! Early afternoon would be before 2:15 for me. x


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