Thursday, 29 September 2016

Not Impressed....And A Pic For Rachel Radiostar!!!

Happy Birthday Mr Tea Towel.....62 today and still as lovely as ever.
He usually books the day off but he didn't have any spare days to take this year:(

The carpet fitter arrived at 3pm yesterday........and he was gone by just after 5pm.
Did he leave us with a fully carpeted hall, landing and staircases? Did he staircase got done so not even half of the job.
I think I must expect too much for our hard earned money.
The fitter realised when he saw that we had two staircases that he wouldn't be able to finish the job and told me to phone the shop and see when they would be able to fit us in to finish it. I got all the gumph about fitters being off on holiday. How can you run a carpet fitting business if you let all your bloody fitters have their time off at the same time. I have a feeling we are being fobbed off with a steaming pile of BS.
Anyway they said they will be back to finish it on Monday so we'll see......I will not be using them again when we have the bedrooms done after Christmas which is unfortunate as I wanted the same carpet but you only mess with Mrs Tea Towel once.

For Rachel Radiostar who missed the pic when I posted it a couple of weeks ago-x-

I have a bit of a busy day today. I need to sort out my huge teapot that I use for family gatherings and give it a good wash. DDIL wants to use it for the Macmillan Coffee Morning she is giving tomorrow and I also need to bake cakes......and yes I will be using self raising make mince pies.
Ruby will be here for tea and between 4pm and 6pm we need to have tea and get her sunglasses finished for the craft competition next week plus fit in some time for a cuddle.
I could do with doing a bit of shopping but that may have to wait until tomorrow and at some point I could do with having a shower and washing my hair.

We'll be having a quick tea of chicken and salad with cornbread so that I can have it ready for Ruby to eat as soon as she comes in and we can then get down to the crafting.

Hope your day is either busy........or relaxing......however you like it.


  1. Good luck with the cakes...and be careful rubbing the never know who might appear. x

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr Tea towel, wishing him many more. Have a great time with Ruby this evening, I love to craft with the children.

  3. Hope you like the one staircase that did get done. Does the shop know they have lost your future business?

    Please share some photos from the Macmillan Coffee Morning - such a good cause.

    Happy Birthday to hubby!

  4. Love it ! So sorry for. Missing it first time round! Happy Birthday Mr Tea Towel! I've just made one batch of cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning. I double checked the. Flour bin first after your post yesterday!

  5. Happy Belated birthday to your hubby. Not surprised he's fed up of appointments, I find once the Docs and hospitals get their claws into you it's hard to escape their clutches.

    Love the new carpet and your staircase. Ours bends at the bottom and top but I'd love 2 sets of stairs with a little landing inbetween. Not so much when it came to hoovering them though I have to admit. The smell of newly laid carpet is definitely on my list of 'nice' smells.

    You are lucky to see Ruby so regularly. We're a bit hit and miss with Sienna but tend to see her every 10 days and then as you know it's for quite a while, so the gap inbetween doesn't bother me too much :) xx


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