Monday, 5 September 2016

Out And About!!!

This morning I had plans for catching up on housework but hubby had other ideas and said "come on Mrs....let's go for a wander" I love a good wander me and the housework isn't going anywhere is it now?
So we have been to the farm shop for meat and veg. We have set hubby up with new pyjamas and all of his toiletries for when he goes into hospital as we have now found out that he will be in for two weeks and not the five days we thought.
We've picked up ham and bread rolls for pack ups and I remembered to go to Holland and Barratt to pick up some malt extract and bouillon powder.
A quick coffee and then a wander round a couple of the charity shops where I picked up a small cross body handbag for £1....something I have wanted for ages as I am sick of ending up with everyones car keys and wallets in my bigger bag......and a couple of books to add to my reading pile.
It was a lovely morning.
Now I am attacking the laundry pile and will start on the other jobs tomorrow as I don't feel like starting on the oven now.

Hope you are all having a lovely day too.


  1. Dear Sheila:

    You did well on your shopping - especially getting hubby organized for hospital. Will you be able to catch a bus to visit him during the day when your daughter is at work?

    Nice to have a coffee out and find something at the charity shop for next to nothing.


  2. Nice to get out and have a wander, housework and stuff can wait, I have just bought one of those bags I paid £1 at the carboot, best wishes to your hubby x

  3. Hi Sandy.....We will just visit hubby in the evening after DD has finished work. He will be in Derby hospital and the logistics of getting connecting buses out here is a nightmare.
    The coffee was lovely-x-

    Hi Marlene...Thanks so much for your best wishes for hubby-x-

  4. Glad you've got hubby set up for his hospital stay. Hopefully soon this stage will be but a memory for you both. x

  5. Sounds like you had a lively day and a Billy bargain bag for a quid. I chuckled and nodded at the big bag syndrome. It does my head in!


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