Thursday, 22 September 2016


Oh...thank goodness for that......the painting is finished.
I started the cutting in while DD took Ruby home and it was all done by 9pm.
Tonight I will wash down all of the skirting boards, door frames and doors then it will just be a case of waiting for that phonecall before we rip up that vile blue carpet.
Once everything is finished I need to go on the hunt for a nice piece of furniture to go on the big landing.....something along the lines of a long narrow console type table with drawers and a ledge underneath where I can use pretty baskets to store some of Rubys' stuff. I am desperate to stop it being used as a dumping ground for all sorts of cr*p as it has been for a good while.
I will be haunting the YMCA shop in little town until I find the right thing.

I overslept this morning and was really hungry when I got up. Didn't fancy my usual toast so I have been rather naughty and had a cooked breakfast of grilled bacon and tomato with a fried egg. It went down a treat with my morning cuppa and now I feel fuelled up for getting a job or two done.
The job of cleaning the top of the fridge freezer keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my job list so today is a good day to put it right at the top and get it done and there is also a small pile of tea towels

Now......where's me bucket and Marigolds?

Hope you all have a lovely day today.


  1. Well done for finishing off the painting, there are a couple of paint jobs needed here that are on the list of jobs that never get done. Hope you get lucky with a console.

  2. Dear Sheila:

    So glad that you actually are able to sleep in and it probably did you the world of good along with a proper breakfast (the most important meal of the day some say) I along with many of my friends have reached that age where I wake at the crack of dawn every single day. No alarm clock ever necessary. Aging is not for sissies.

    "where's me bucket" - had me laughing - only ever heard "me" used like when I was growing up in silly Suffolk. No disrespect intended. Love how you write and express yourself.




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