Thursday, 8 September 2016

Mad As A Box Of Frogs!!!

Yes....that is me.....totally barking mad.....and why?
The mission to empty the freezers is going very well or at least it was until last night when I popped in to T***o to pick up some more salad stuff and I spotted the reduced bread rolls and ended up bringing home 4 packs of 4 floured rolls reduced to 16p each, 2 packs of 6 wholemeal rolls reduced to 16p each, 3 packs of 4 petit pain reduced to 25p each and a pack of 4 ciabatta rolls reduced to 25p.
All now in the freezer. 
We do get through quite a few rolls for packing up though so they will both save me some money and save me having to remember to pick them up when I go shopping.

I also saved these from the bin...........

 They were only a few pence and I know they won't last long but they are just so flippin' gorgeous that I couldn't leave them there.

Our T***o is having the most ridiculous move around at the moment and moving stuff just for the sake of it I reckon. The oils and herbs and spices have swapped places. They are still on the same aisle so why have they had to swap them? They've done the same all over the store. Last night I noticed that they were emptying all of the doubt to swap them all around too. Still I suppose it gives them something to

Ruby made me laugh last night. She really enjoyed her Sweet and Sour Chicken with Noodles......but only after she had picked out the peppers, spring onions, carrots and pineapple. She picked it over like a gold digger sifting through soil to find the tiniest pieces.....and there was me hoping the sauce would make her eat her veggies......nice try
First day back at school went down very well. She was so happy and bouncy when she got here.
Marlowe is taking to weaning like a duck to water. She had two days of baby rice and then yesterday she had mashed carrot and absolutely loved it. DDIL says she is sleeping much better after some disturbed nights last week so she was obviously ready for it.

Well I had best go and do a few bits and bobs. There's not much on my list today really and there's only a salad to prep for tea to go with some marinaded chicken. I don't feel like getting the sewing machine out but I might have a sort through my bag of felt as I want to make some tiny envelopes to put money into for Marlowe's Advent calendar. She's a bit young for small toys and chocolate so I am going to put 50p pieces into twenty three of the pockets and a pound coin in the twenty fourth and that can go into her bank account.

It's turned out bright and sunny here so I hope it is where you are.
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  1. If it saves money you have to have them, you know me I am the same, and I buy bargain flowers as well xxx

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Glad you didn't walk by the reduced rolls and flowers at T***o - so handy to have in your freezer and definitely save you money - we rarely see any reduced bins where I live. When our grocery store moved things around it was chaos. It took so much longer to shop not knowing where anything was. It was to the point where they had a shop employee walking the aisles asking "can I help you find something" - quite ridiculous. I hope they leave it alone now.

    It has been incredibly hot and humid here but the forecast is for a break this weekend with possibility of storms. I am so ready to turn off the air conditioner and open some windows. Tired of having everything shut up and avoiding using the oven, simply puts out to much heat in very hot weather.

    I love those Advent calendars - your grandchildren are very lucky with such a talented Grandma.


  3. Hallo Sheila. You may find that T....'s are moving things around to make room for all the Christmas stuff. At S........'s today there were some Christmas cakes and other Christmas treats on the shelves. Maybe the supermarkets have forgotten that Halloween comes before Christmas on the calendar! Makes you wonder where all the normal foodstuff goes in the meantime.

    Joan (Wales)

  4. You had some good bargains from Mr. T. Lovely flowers. x


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