Saturday, 17 September 2016

Can't Help Loving That Man Of Mine!!!

Hubby was finished at the hospital a lot sooner than expected yesterday so he was able to phone DDIL who was kind enough to fetch him back rather than him wait for DD to finish work at 4pm.
While he was waiting to be picked up he was having a wander round and came across someone who had set up a stall selling all sorts of things and he bought me this........

 ........because he knows I love the Christmas film Polar Express. I know you can buy silver bells from just about anywhere but this one has the train ticket label..........I love it.

Today is Big Job day at Tea Towel Mansion. With the imminent arrival and fitting of the new carpet I have decided to give the hall, staircases and landings a coat of paint while the old carpet is still down. It's a huge job but it wants doing and we have no plans this weekend so it's the best time to do it. I doubt it will get finished today as DD is off out and I have no help mate so I will have to carry on tomorrow.

I think I will have a coffee while I wait for hubby to come back with the paint.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. Sounds like a big job. Hope all went well at the hospital. My daughter has just booked tickets for the Polar Express in December for Lily and Daisy, apparently its on one of the old steam trains.

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Happy to hear that hubby was done sooner than later at the hospital and DDIL went and fetched him home. Hubby should consider just taking a taxi home if no one can come and get him until late. Luckily things worked out this time around but keep it in mind for later.

    Nice gift from your hubby which I think you deserve.

    Hope your painting is going well! Isn't that a bit difficult with the existing carpet still down. Before and after photos please.


  3. I'm only painting walls Sandy so no worries about the old carpet-x-

  4. Those little kindnesses can cheer you so much can't they. I hope you and Hubby have a brilliant weekend too. Jane xx

  5. I hope everything went ok for hubby at the hospital. I've never seen Polar Express but I want to now. The bell is lovely. What a thoughtful gift. Good luck with the painting. X

  6. Awww what a darling hubby you have X I get you cant wait for the new carpet - I love the smell and the feel of it in bare feet! In fact, I AM COMING ROUND!

  7.'d be welcome any time-x-


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