Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Staying Out Of The Kitchen........!!!

.......because I can't stand the heat.
Rachel Radiostar asked me how much I got done off my jobs list yesterday..........well Rachel not very much.
I managed to get the cooker cleaned but after that the heat defeated me. It was so muggy with not even a hint of a breeze that I could hardly breathe so I decamped to the dining room where the fan is for the rest of the day.
It looks like more of the same today but there are things I need to get done so I shall have to just grin and bear it.

Today is the first day back at school for Ruby as a Year 2 pupil and I can't wait to hear all about it when she comes for tea later. I know she was very nervous about going up a class and the work being too hard for her but she will be just fine. She is a hard worker and she'll cope.
I was going to make her a cake but I don't think I can stand to have the oven on so I will make her a fresh strawberry sauce to have on some ice cream instead.

Appointments are coming in thick and fast for hubby. Next week he has one with the nurse at our surgery for blood tests, one for a bone scan at the hospital and then another with the oncologist. We are going to have to call on family members for a bit of help as I also have blood tests the same day as he has his oncology appointment so he won't be able to take me. He's fed up already.
We'll have a nice weekend this week though as we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We had invited DS and family to join us for lunch at the pub again but Ruby with her manic social life has a birthday party to go to so they can't make it. They have invited us to their house later in the day for dessert though......can't wait for that.

Well I had best go and do a bit of titivating and get everywhere tidy before Miss Doodle arrives. That and a bit of veg prep for the Sweet and Sour Chicken I am making for tea will be just about all I'm good for today if it doesn't cool down a bit.

Hope you all have a fabulous day.


  1. It was really muggy here yesterday, I felt like I was melting. Thankfully it's not as humid today....yet! The strawberry sauce and ice cream sounds lovely. And congratulations on 40 years of marriage....a huge achievement these days.

  2. Ice-cream with strawberry sauce sounds a perfect first day back at school treat. Sod's law about appointments at the same time isn't it. Sorry to hear hubby is fed up. It's a tough time for everybody. Congratulations on your 40th, and that you'll be able to spend time with Ruby on your Ruby! Xx

  3. Congatulations on your forthcoming Ruby Anniversary. It's nice that you can have a family get together after your meal. Hope you are going to have some family photos too. Catriona

  4. I'm with you Sheila - I'm a hot sweaty mess! 40 years - well done! The appointments will whizz by and it'll soon be over. Hope Ruby enjoys her ice cream - I might treat myself to one from the ice cream man tonight!


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