03 September 2016

Rain Stopped Play!!!

There were plans to pack up a picnic and go to the bigger play park up in the next village but by the time we got back from doing a bit of a top up shop this morning the heavens had opened and put the kybosh on that.
So for now Ruby and DD have gone off to the big town in search of a film to watch tonight and I am just about to cook a sauce for the spag bol that little miss has requested for tea tonight. Once they are back and the sauce is bubbling away Ruby and I will have a look at the book we picked up from the charity shop this morning.....365 Things to Make and Do and see if we can find a project that she would like to do this afternoon although she hasn't really been as interested in crafting this week as she normally is.
I have bought some white chocolate chips this morning so maybe she will want to bake some raspberry and white chocolate muffins. It's entirely up to her........she is most definitely the

Thanks for visiting today.
Hope the weather is better where you are.


  1. Rain stopped play here to, I am going to spend the afternoon baking, have a nice weekend x

  2. It's chucked it down all day here and shows no sign of stopping so I'm off to my friends house for a cuppa and a witch!!


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