04 September 2016

Our Little Guest Has Gone Home!!!

Well that's it. Where on earth did that week go?
It has been absolutely wonderful having Ruby here and I am going to miss the kisses and cuddles but on the other hand I am ready to get my house back in order and get back into some kind of routine.
This week the kitchen will get a thorough clean including the oven and I'll tackle a room a day until everywhere is done.

Sunday lunch at the pub was lovely. Unfortunately no DD or DS as they were both at work but it was smashing to have both my little girls there. Marlowe even sat at the table with her Bumbo chair up on a dining chair. Her little face was a picture when she realised she was sitting with everyone and being included. I swear if her little arms would have reached she would have had hold of a Yorkshire

So it is now September and I for one am looking forward to starting my Winter and Christmas preparations. I don't need to make any more decorations this year but I do have gifts and gift bags to make.
Bring on the cool, misty days.

Hope you have all had a fab weekend.


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely week! Marlowe has NO BUSINESS sitting up and smiling already!

  2. Oh I so know Rachel.....she is only five months and two weeks old the little minx-x-

  3. how lovely she can now join in family meals, oven cleaning ugh glad its not something I have to do with the Rayburn :-)


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