Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Pickles Are Pickling!!!

There are actually three jars of onions but the other jar isn't quite as pretty as these that I picked up from Hobbycraft.
Just one jar of red cabbage as there is only hubby who likes it. Now I just need to pick up some beetroot when I go to the farm shop at the weekend and we will be sorted for what I call standard pickles.
All other pickles and chutneys are bought in as we don't eat an awful lot of them so it's not worth me making them.
The house letters were purchased from The Card Factory for £3.99. I had been after something like them for a while so I was pleased to find them.

Finally.......after nearly three weeks the travellers have moved off the back field this morning. You should see the filth and rubbish they have left's horrendous. The company who own the land have one heck of a clean up job to do and we will be unable to use the area again until that has been done.

Wednesday is Doodle Day and I have planned a simple tea for her today as we have to make a start on a craft project for school....sunglasses made from cardboard. We have a couple of weeks to get them done but if we get them cut out and painted today then she can get to the exciting part of decorating them next week.
As we only have two and half hours DD and I will eat after we have taken her home.

Well that thunder storm was a bit of a humdinger last night wasn't it? At one point I thought our roof had been hit.
I have never seen a sky like it just before it started.....the clouds were green and at 6pm it was as dark as night. Very spectacular.
I can't say it did much to clear the air though. It's very warm again this morning although there is a nice breeze which means the bedding can go on the line.

I am just going to have my coffee and then I shall run the hoover round and set up the table ready for making the sunglasses. Once that is done it will nearly be time for Ruby to arrive so I am going to fill in the time by having a browse on Pinterest for ideas for Christmas decor and novelty food that Ruby and I can make together in the run up to the festive season.
Oh I do so love this time of year.

Hope you are all having a fab day.



  1. Great looking pickles, I love this time of year when all the preserves/pickles get made.

  2. Oohhhh winter plotting and planning! x


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