12 September 2016

Happy Days!!!

We had a really lovely day yesterday.
Lunch at the pub was gorgeous followed by a couple of hours just chilling out at home and then a visit to Doodle Mansion to spend some time with the people we love most in the world.
Look what they gave us as a gift............

Isn't it just absolutely wonderful?
I don't know if you can see them on the photo but there are tiny red gemstones in amongst the words.
It's just so perfect that I could cry every time I look at it.
DS made a Pecan Pie which was gorgeous. We had it with some vanilla ice cream and DDIL made us some Red Velvet Cupcakes with my favourite cream cheese frosting. OMG they were delicious.

The new carpet has been ordered this morning. It's a really lovely mottled red......exactly what I wanted and nowhere near as expensive as we expected for a fairly top of the range carpet with underlay and fitting included.
We used an independent retailer in the little town and I'm glad we did. No hard sell......we were just advised of the best type of carpet to use on the stairs. looked at the colours and chose the one we wanted. In and out in less than fifteen minutes.
It will be fitted in about two weeks.

After a weekend of being catered for DD and I are ready for a simple meal tonight........beans on toast and a cuppa it is
Everything is gathered for the pickling of the onions and hubby has let me off the agony of peeling that sackful. He is going to do them tonight when he comes in from work as it's a job he loves doing so a huge thank you for that my darling man.

So......I have the house to myself for a little while and there is a serious amount of tidying needs doing in the dining room and kitchen, laundry to do and a good hoovering so that DD and I can sit and watch the last three episodes of 24. These are the last episodes of the last season so we have watched nine seasons in total and it has been absolutely brilliant.....a little far fetched in places but brilliant just the same. I will miss watching it.

Off to crack on with my jobs then.
Hope you are all having a lovely day.


  1. Dear Sheila:

    What a beautiful gift and yes you and hubby were spoilt what with a pecan pie and red velvet cupcakes! How nice was that.

    Have you had any of the lovely cake that hubby surprised you with?

    This is one anniversary you won't forget in a hurry.



  2. Hi Sandy
    Yes we were thoroughly spoilt and enjoyed every minute of it.
    We had some of the cake hubby bought and it was beautiful. It was a jam and buttercream sponge as he knows I don't like fruit thoughful of him as he loves fruit cake.

  3. Lovely to treasure for sure. Send that man this way please if he doesn't mind peeling onions! x

  4. Such a stunning gift, you are certainly blessed with a thoughtful family.


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