Saturday, 10 September 2016

Ooooh Me Aching Feet!!!

Just got back from a trip to Derby where I have been fabric shopping, unintentional Christmas shopping and hunting for a newt.....plastic, rubber....anything that looked like a newt would have done but I couldn't find a single thing except a dinosaurish type thing that might have just done if it hadn't been three times the size of the jug she is taking.
Ruby's school is doing a Roald Dahl day and she is going as her favourite character Matilda and so needs a newt to put in a jug to scare Miss
I shall have one last look at B&M and maybe Poundstretcher tomorrow and then I have exhausted everywhere I can think of.

Had a lovely night babysitting my girls last night and DS and DDIL enjoyed their first date night since Marlowe was born. I hope both girls slept through the night.

Right.....I am off for a cuppa and a sit with my feet up for a few minutes.
Hope you are all having a fab weekend.


  1. I'm sat here with equally achy feet having just mowed the back meadow! I'm dressing up as a vernicious knid on Ronald Dahl day! Hunted for some greeny brown scarves to fashion a headpiece out of and a piece of red felt for the eye! They are the aliens who spell scram in my face book Charlie n great glass elevator

  2. Maybe you could make a paper mache newt? Use aluminum foil to make the shape. Mix up some flour and water or use watered down white glue and cover all of the foil with strips of paper dipped in glue mixture - let dry - then paint. If I were close by, I would make one for her. Ranee (MN) USA

  3. Sounds like the best kind of shopping day, fabric and some Christmas presents, hope you're getting a well deserved rest now xx

  4. As a last ditch attempt maybe print a newt picture? x


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