Sunday, 11 September 2016


Today I will be remembering the people whose lives were shattered by the events in New York in 2001.

Also today my lovely hubby and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. No big party....just lunch at the pub and then a visit to the Doodle house.........and we will be eating some of this..........

 ......although how I will take a knife to it I do not know.
Hubby ordered this for me from the neighbours Mum after finding out that she made celebration cakes. Isn't it gorgeous?
Does anyone know if or how I can preserve the flowers and ivy? I just love them.

Last night DD treated us to a Chinese takeaway and it was so delicious. We haven't had one for years. I do love Chinese food.
I'll make the most of my last day out of the kitchen as I have a feeling I will be in there for a pretty long time tomorrow judging by the huge bag of pickling onions hubby bought home

Whatever you are doing.....enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Happy anniversary! Beautiful cake. What flavour was the cake once cut?

  2. Happy Ruby Weddin Day to you and DH. What a beautiful cake he's had made-hope it tastes as good as it looks. You should be able to preserve the decorations by removing them carefully from the cake and setting them in a cool dark place until they are hard. Then store them away from light and they should be fine. They do become brittle so you need to be careful and the darkness is to prevent them from fading. Hope that helps. Catriona

  3. Many congratulations on your Ruby Wedding! When it was our Ruby Wedding we were staying at the Star Castle Hotel on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly. I'd been sent there on a writing assignment, which was lovely, and it coincided with our wedding anniversary - the chef got to know about this and at dinner that night a cake was ceremoniously brought in complete with lighted candles which we had to blow out! It was lovely if a little overwhelming, the whole dining room clapping us. For our Golden Wedding two years ago, my husband and I just had a nice lunch together in Le Bistro Pierre, and then went home and had cake and wine with the family, who all called in.

    That is a gorgeous cake!

    Yes, I too am remembering those who lost their lives in American 15 years ago today.

    Margaret P

  4. Happy Anniversary - Congrats on 40 years, we have 3 more years to go for that one, our anniversary was the 8th. Sept.

  5. Congratulations on your Ruby. The cake is beautiful, it's such a shame to cut them sometimes isn't it. No idea how to properly preserve flowers but we got married 21 years ago and I still have the sugar paste roses fully intact from our cake. All I did was wrap them in tissue and put them in a box in the wardrobe. xx

  6. Many congratulations....I should keep the icing dry and dust free! x

  7. Belated wishes for your ruby wedding anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together.


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