Friday, 9 September 2016

Doing The Extras!!!

Friday is always clean and tidy up ready for the weekend day....which I have done but I have also added extra jobs today as hubby told me this morning that we are having new stair carpets and promptly went off into town to make an appointment for someone to come and measure up. They are coming tomorrow morning so I thought I had best give the the two lots of stairs, two landings and the hall a good hoover which then led to cleaning the bannisters which looked a bit grubby.
I can't wait to get rid of this filthy, manky thing that's been down for over twenty years. 
The subject has been broached by me before but this time it's his idea so it's I don't care whose idea it is as long as I can have me red carpet at last.

Looking forward to tonight. DS and DDIL are having a date night and I get to go and squidge with me girls.....yay. I love any time I can spend with my two little angels.
DD is off out to the cinema with friends so hubby is going to have a nice peaceful night by himself and he can watch war films to his hearts

I have been banned from cooking now until Monday next week. Hubby says that I am due a break after forty years so tonight we are having fish and chips, tomorrow DD is treating us to a Chinese takeaway and Sunday we are going to the pub for lunch followed by a visit to DS's house for dessert.....How fab is that?

Well I just have a couple of small jobs to finish off and then I am going to do some online browsing to see what kind of carpets are available these days. It's so long since we bought one that I haven't even a clue as to the prices.

Weather is a bit iffy here. Nasty grey clouds and wind.
Hope it's better for you all.


  1. Love new carpet, I can only dream of carpets, we have none here , tiles throughout, have a great weekend x

  2. there is something nice about new carpet, enjoy your week end off from cooking and enjoy the girls :-)

  3. Funnily enough, we have been looking at carpets to replace our wooden floor in our living room. DH diabetic feet can't stand the cold noe even with a big rug down. I nearly fainted at the cost as it will have to be hardwearing yet comfortable underfoot. Beige/ greige for us as it needs to go with our suite. Happy hunting. Catriona

  4. We had mock wood laminate for a while at the smallholding living room, but it always made the room so cold. carpets make a house much warmer. Enjoy your carpet hunt, so many to choose from

  5. Oohhh lovely red! Have a very special weekend...where does the time go? x


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