Friday, 23 September 2016

Play Day!!!

I think I have worked hard enough this week to earn myself a bit of a play day today........after the tidying up and everything of course.
There is a distinct itching to be having a messy play with paint to transform one of the crates I bought from Poundland which may also involve a bit of decoupage and distressing depending on how it goes.

Hubby is finished work now for the weekend and we'll have a bit of time for one of our wandering sessions tomorrow. First stop will be the farm shop for veg and then we'll have a wander around the Makers Market and call for a coffee in the little town. Simple time spent together but we both enjoy it very much.
We also have a night to ourselves tonight as DD is off out with some work friends so hubby is treating us to a Chinese takeaway to eat in front of our first fire of autumn while we watch something either on tv or DVD.
I am so thankful for the cooler days and being more comfortable while I get my jobs done and the cooler evenings for snuggling under the sofa quilts.........all I want now is some

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend too.


  1. A bit early for snow, I am hoping for a dryish cold cold winter, kills of lots of pests

  2. Snow...not today please we have a wedding to get through! x

  3. Whilst I do enjoy the odd snow day, not yet please.


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