Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Proper Autumn Morning!!!

When I woke this morning and looked out of the window it was beautiful. Cool, still, silent, misty and damp.
Fast forward a few hours and it is hot and noisy. The noise coming from the travellers who didn't move as far as we'd hoped yesterday. They are now camped in the field of the farmer next door. The screaming and shouting is rather disturbing. Add to that the pack of dogs barking and....well you get the picture....sigh!!!

I got the heavier of my jobs done this morning while it was still cool so now I am just pottering about until it's time to make the evening meal. Something made with chicken to go with some salad but I don't know what yet. I shall just make it up as I go along.

Another appointment for hubby tomorrow. He has to go for something called a Nuclear Bone Scan and he will be at the hospital for hours. DDIL is taking him first thing in the morning and DD will collect him after she finishes work. He will have a while to wait for her so he says he will go and have a meal in the cafeteria while he waits for her to arrive although I think she may have some toil hours she can take so that she can leave work earlier.
There will be a three hour waiting period between having an injection and then having the scan so it is going to be awfully boring for him. He doesn't read apart from newspapers and he doesn't do anything on his phone other than make and receive calls so how he will occupy himself I do not know.
He will then be back there on Monday to see the Oncologist.

Ruby didn't want to make her sunglasses last night. The lure of sunshine and fresh air was too much after being cooped up in school all day and after tea she played outside until it was time to go home. It looks like Ganma might have to do all the cutting out to get them ready for next week to be painted and decorated if we want to have them ready for the show.

Well I need to go and rid my kitchen of the smell of hubbys' lunch. He had Chinese spare ribs and I can't abide the smell of the five spice powder the butcher uses on them........yuck.

Hope it's sunny and warm in your little corners of the world.


  1. Cool and misty, the mist hasn't lifted all day. Thinking of you all and hoping all goes well with the scan. Take care.

  2. Hot Hot here for 3rd day. Hope your OH gets on ok with the scan. Would a magazine on a subject he likes help? or every daily paper!!
    Colin is lucky as he could always take a book for these long-wait things

  3. Thanks Sue....yes he will read his papers for as long as they last him. Knowing him though he'll get chatting to somebody and while away the hours-x-


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