Sunday, 29 April 2007

Busy Bee Sunday

Well I have been a proper busy bee today. I've been finalising the card designs for the workshops and demo in Devon so that I can let the stamp company have a list tomorrow of the stamps that will need to be sent to the shop I am at.
The design below is my final one and I have used the TandaStamps Far East Set 3 along with my Bondaweb technique over hand stamped paper.
Have to say that I'm pretty chuffed with it.
I've had to scan it over three views as my scanner wouldn't take the full width of the card.
View 1 is the card closed and folded. Like this it will fit into a C6 envelope.
View 2 is with the left panel open..........
and View 3 is with the right panel open.

When the card is standing the front panel stands forward........a little bit like a chimney breast.
So that is now all prepared......workshop packs done, instructions typed up and a list of materials that need to be packed is all done so I just need to finish the other packs and instructions before next Saturday and then I have promised myself a day out on either Sunday or Monday for a little crafty spend up at Crab Apple Crafts in Cheshire.
It will only be a little spend as it's just a ride out to get me out of the house for a few hours and spend some quality time with my DD.
Hope you've all had a smashing weekend in the lovely sunshine.
Bye for now


  1. Sheila that's an absolutely gorgeous card! I can't quite visualise it standing up, but you'll have to take it with you to Totnes and I'll tell DH it's something I just have to see!!!

    Love the Bondaweb technique - it's stunning! And I fell for the Indian chief big-time... :)

    Rosie xx

  2. What a STUNNING card!! LOVE IT!

  3. Sheila, this is fantastic!!!Actually I have been looking at your other cards and being a keen crafter myself, I fell in love with all of them.You have such a unique style and I must say, they are gorgeous. This one has an oriental feel to it, yet so modern and exotic!!!I love it, love it, love it!

  4. Wow - amazing card.

  5. Wow Sheila I do love this oriental card.

    Do hope you enjoy your trip to Cheshire (I'm Cheshire born and bred). I'm sure I've been to that Craft centre before and there's lots of antique markety shops there too. I see the owner presents on QVC and is doing a scrapbooking session on May 7th. Enjoy the day.



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