Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Pearly Pain Up The Rear!!!

Eeeeh I've been having trouble tonight what with one thing and another.
Needed one final card for the workshops next week and had one all planned in my head........could I get the flipping thing to come together right?........Big fat NO!!!
So I have had to change my plans drastically but am very happy with the card that I produced after all that faffing about.
I wish I had thought of this one first as I could have saved myself the fiver I spent on black gloss card which was what was planned for the other one.
So that is trouble two nights on the trot......what with last nights problem with the electricity going on and off..........that was very wierd. About four or five times in a row it clicked off and then straight back on again but it was long enough to switch the computer off and it got very frustrating.
Had a fab day at work today as there was a delivery that contained stamps. Needless to say I now have a little pile awaiting my return from Devon.......I daren't have them until I come back as I will just want to play with them and I don't have time.
I think I shall be glad when all this stuff is packed and I can't do any more. The constant stamping etc is giving me really bad pains in my hands which is worrying me a little as I have never had that before. Mind you my right hand has never been the same since I injured it some time ago when I was using a Silent Setter. I was pushing quite hard to set a particularly stubborn eyelet, the tool slipped and I smashed my knuckles on the edge of my desk. It makes me wonder if I broke a bone because some days I can barely bend my middle finger.
Well I had best clean this mess up that I've looks like the aftermath of a police raid in here now...then I have three orders and a class for Thursday to do before I can go to bed. Looks like it will be a late one
Bye for now


  1. Another lovely creation. You take care of yourself - sometimes we do too much even when we are 'enjoying' ourselves.

  2. What a simply stunning card Sheila!

    You should perhaps have that hand looked at don't you think? *hugs*

    Missed you yesterday - and all being well, I shall come to meet you at Totnes with my DD while DH is doing his Road Trip! We are both looking forward to it.

    Rosie x


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