Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Daring Cardmakers II-Little Extra Revisted

Well I must say.........this latest midweek dare has got the old creative juices flowing. This is my third card for this one. Just a pretty simple one but I just love these colours together.

I was supposed to be doing some work today if you remember but I decided I would get some household jobs done instead.......seeing as how I seem to be the only one in our house who knows the meaning of the words 'clean' and 'tidy'. So I got a bit done then thought I might as well have the rest of the day off as by the time we had finished tea and tidied up it was 7pm gone. A bit norty really cos I won't be working tonight a date with hubby and a DVD and he doesn't get in until after 10pm.
Oh well there is always tomorrow and it is only a few packs left to make up and then get everything packed.........and if I packed everything now you can bet your bottom dollar there would be something I need to use and I would have to unpack it all again........well I've convinced meself of that anyway.

I've got nothing else booked for a while so I am looking forward to getting my teeth into some new experiments......I may even go so far as to get out my sewing machine.
I am also going to be sorting out my stamps and getting rid of some as I do have way too many that I don't use any more. The same with my dies for my cutting machines.
Then once I have had a good sort out I think I may redecorate the room, replace the old carpet and try to clear the window ledges and put up some curtains ready for winter.
Hubby was going to sort me out a shed to use as a work room but that is another thing on the back boiler for now as he is tied up with helping a friend through the summer with different landscaping and fencing if I haven't got enough jobs want doing!!!

Right I'm off for a quick bath and then I am going to veg in front of the telly and watch The Apprentice.

Bye for now


  1. Great cards, as always, Sheila! I love tourquoise and black. When you say get rid of stamps.....LOL Do you have somewhere in mind? I know several peeps who'd love to help you out! hahaha

    Love Ali xxxxx

  2. Fabulous colour combo Sheila and I love the font too.


  3. Oh, this is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the stamps you have used! Who makes the woman stamp, it's awesome!!!

  4. The colours on this card are simply stunning!!!!

  5. Love everything about this card. That's a lovely shade of blue. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Sheila, and you're right the dares are addictive!

  6. Smashing card, Sheila (as ever) - how I wish I could turn out anything half as good!

  7. Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting my blog. This is such a beautiful card and colour combi. I'm going to have a think about using different colours than pink and white with black! You have to get the swirls stamps they're by Autumn Leaves.

  8. Goodness you have been busy. Up until 2 am crafting! But I love the results and I do so enjoy reading about your days. I'm going to go off looking at the stamping on Vellum when I get a minute.

    I thought Sir Alan fired the wrong person last night. It should have been Simon for the high jump!


  9. Love this colour combination! Beautiful card!

  10. GOrgeous Card S but I am worn out reading about all that activity woman - I think you need a cold compress....


  11. Turquoise is my favourite colour - looks stunning here. Where did you get that stamp, where did you get that stamp (cue the music)?


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